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Project Greenland was created to advance Global Water Security and reduce sea level rise by facilitating the capture of Greenland’s melting glacier water and transporting this pristine fresh water, earth's most precious resource, to water stressed regions around the world.

The Problem

Melting At Record Speed

Greenland, the world’s largest island, holds 10% of earth’s fresh water in glacier form.  The glaciers are melting at record speed – over 530 trillion liters melted into the sea in 2019 alone - Greenland’s glacier melt is now the #1 contributor to sea level rise.

10% of Earth's Freshwater

#1 contributor to sea level rise

532 Trillion Liters of Greenland glacier melt was lost in 2019

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Demand for Water is Growing

2.4 billion people currently live in water stressed areas and that number is growing daily.  Africa, the Middle East, the South Western United States – to name a few - are experiencing unprecedented water scarcity with no end in sight due to population increases and the effects of climate change.

2.4 Billion People projected to live in water stressed areas by 2030


Current World Population Living in Water Stressed Areas


MENA Needs More Water

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the most water-scarce region in the world

6.3% of the global population

Only 1.4% of the world's freshwater

There simply isn’t enough water in these regions to support the demands for drinking water, residential use, industrial and commercial use, agriculture and hydroelectric power production.



Freshwater Capture & Transport

Before it flows into the sea unable to be used, Project Greenland captures Greenland’s melting pristine fresh glacier water and provides the premium fresh water to governments, sovereign nations, municipalities and industry on a global scale.

Reduce sea level rise

Address global water insecurity


Drinking, Humanitarian Relief, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Hydropower, Energy


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