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UN experts call upon nations to tap "unconventional water resources"

340 Trillion Liters Super Premium Arctic F
reshwater for Drinking, Emergency, Humanitarian Relief Use

The Problem

Melting At Record Speed

Greenland, the world’s largest island, holds 10% of earth’s freshwater resources in glacier form. The glaciers are melting at record speed – over 530 trillion liters melted into the sea in 2019 alone - Greenland’s glacier melt is now the #1 contributor to sea level rise.

10% of Earth's Freshwater Resources

#1 Contributor to sea level rise

532 Trillion Liters of Greenland glacier melt was lost in 2019

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Global Freshwater Demand Will Outstrip Supply by 40% by 2030 

2.4 billion people currently live in freshwater stressed areas and that number is growing daily.  Africa, the Middle East, the South Western United States – to name a few - are experiencing unprecedented freshwater stress with no end in sight due to population increases and the effects of climate change. 

2.4 Billion People projected to live in freshwater-stressed areas by 2030


Current World Population Living in Freshwater Stressed Areas


MENA Needs More Water

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the most freshwater-scarce region in the world

6.3% of the global population

Only 1.4% of the world's freshwater

There simply isn’t enough freshwater in these regions to support the demands for sustainable human and commercial consumption

Arctic Freshwater Bulk Transfer

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