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Who We Are

Project Greenland was founded by entrepreneurs with a deep domain expertise experience in freshwater stewardship, responsible investing, sustainability. 

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Roxana Petre

Chair of the Board of Directors

Roxana Petre, born in Bucharest, Romania, graduated from Baruch College in New York with a BA in Business Communication. A decade later she pursued a teaching credential, and an MA in Education from California State University Los Angeles. A dissertation away, Roxana currently works on a double doctorate in Psychology and Education. Set to find at least two solutions to every problem, she brings superior communication skills to the board of directors, holding ethics as the main priority in her decisions. Guided by evidence-based practices, and collaborating with professionals in the field, she is committed to guiding Project Greenland to the latest trends in sustainability. As a woman entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, Roxana Petre built two successful businesses. She is an investor in both public equity and real estate. As an educator, she deeply cares for future generations, showing a firm commitment to sustainability.

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Thomas Schumann

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Deng Mahmoud Schumann is a leading SDG 6 "Global Water Security" expert, sustainability banker and investor, steward at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. His birthplace Frankfurt/Main, Germany's financial capital and the 2015 world's most sustainable city according to the Sustainable Cities Index inspired his path of social, environmental, financial responsibility and impact 37 years ago. The founder of Thomas Schumann Capital, Thomas has emerged as one of the world’s most vocal thought-leaders in developing investment solutions for Global Water Security. As part of a global network of leading academics in Water and Climate Security, collaboration with the United Nations, and participating in the NGO Ceres launch of the Valuing Water Finance initiative (VWFI), Thomas continues to demonstrate a commitment, connectivity and expertise unrivaled in the cross-over between freshwater appreciation and commercial realities.

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Leonard Wijewardene

Chief Financial Officer

Leonard Wijewardene (CFO) is a Chartered Financial Analyst and senior quantitative risk and finance executive with 15 years financial and risk management experience. A results-focused leader with proven ability to deliver complex products and quantitative systems, Leonard is well-versed in CCAR and DFAST stress testing, model governance, credit risk, economic capital pricing, default and prepayment modeling. A former senior manager of model governance at Bank of the West and expert in implementing quantitative systems, optimizing organizational structures and successfully delivering on profit objectives, Leonard received his Bachelor’s degree from Yale University

Bert Mulder - Head of Global Sales - Project Greenland.jpeg

Bert Mulder

Head of Global Sales

Bert Mulder is a drinking- and freshwater specialist with almost three decades of successful experience in providing drinking water solutions. Bert specializes in water purification technologies and drinking water production systems. In recent years he has become an advocate for the idea of transportation of fresh water from water abundant areas in the world to water scars areas. A strong believer in the power of making seemingly impossible things happen, Bert is always on the look-out to strengthen a powerful personal and business network. Bert enjoys a good football match but can also be found behind the piano and play for family and friends. Bert enjoys philosophical thinking, and he has spent several years studying ancient Indian scriptures and modern interpretations of Advaita Vedanta and the principle Upanishads.

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